Lens of Adventure
Lens of Adventure is a photography exhibition by Mon Zamora and Raisa Leao inspired by nature and outdoor adventures near Washington D.C., featuring 42 photos and the launch of their first book with 20 curated outdoor trips. The exhibition took place from February 21 to March 6, 2017 at the IDB Staff Association Art Gallery in Washington D.C. Please find the exhibition details below the opening photos.

Sunrise above the clouds - Autumn, White Rocks

Opening reception photos:
Exhibition info + photos:
Nature possesses contextual dimensions, offers a multi-sensory experience and presents itself as a seamless unity. In 2015, Mon Zamora and Raisa Leao decided to truly experience outdoors, leaving their expectations and thousands of human artifacts behind in order to appreciate nature and its beauty. The exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in nature and observe it with full sympathy as being. The photos, however, are only half of the experience; the true exhibition is nature itself, which is out there to be discovered and appreciated.

Sun bound - Autumn, Bear Church Rock

Yellow Dive - Autumn, Shenandoah Mountains

Welcome to nature - Autumn, White Rocks

Winter Frame - Winter, Appalachian mountains

Hammock View - Summer, Old Rag mountain

Red, Green, Yellow and Brown - Autumn, Shenandoah mountains

Pinky fog - Autumn, White Rocks

Mushroom World I - Appalachian mountains

Mushroom World II - Appalachian mountains

Mushroom World III - Appalachian mountains

Beauty before my eyes - Summer, Spruce Knob

Water release - Summer, Great Falls

The princess and the castle - Spring, Big Schloss

Dreaming of you - Summer, New River Gorge

Climbing Black Crack - Spring, Annapolis Rocks

Mountain Gate - Winter, Seneca Rocks

Mountain waves - Winter, Tibbet Knob

The power of sunsets - Autumn, Shenandoah mountains

Winter gorge - Winter, Lindy Point

Super moon - Autumn, Big Schloss

Forest flow - Winter, Black Water Falls

The spirit of the spirit - Autumn, Shenandoah mountains

Blue Ridge - Winter, Old Rag mountain